Crying "Step Two"

With my written tears, sharing the things that concern me
Devalued meaning of friendship from a lack of loyalty
Common forms of disrespect, tolerated by the uninformed
Individualism facing extinction, media leading us to be conformed
Warned we don't listen, we avoid preparation
Taking the suggested path, not questioning the destination
Devastation and disaster, more common than love and laughter
Afraid I am; that there's an inescapable puppet-master
Not the Al-Mighty exactly, but the one that will pretend to be
Wow, this leads me to those who don't believe; I pose no religious theory.

Nevertheless, I'm clearly blessed beyond my own physical ability
Beliefs are for everyone’s own, any and all can feel me
Closely I watch, so frequently I see more and then more
A whole nation in debt; of course the majority of the population is poor
What are all the lies for; Decreasing the value of life?
So many secrets openly revealed, how many scriptures can you recite
Please forgive me; light in all my windows; all one seventy-three
I've talked in circles and stood on squares, and I still choose eternity
Clearly, my vision may one day cause my demise
Strongly I know this so it will come as no surprise
Sure this list could continue, but honestly, there's no need
I already have secrets "9" "6-10" and "50", I am beyond being freed.


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