Mr. Reality (Ground Floor)

From the afternoon into the night, days will come, and they will go.  You don't have to tell me what is real, because I already know.  There will be special circumstances that require certain decisions and the situation that is caused, isn't always the intentions. This truth is plausibly noted, but I hardly pay attention, my mind, heart and my gut remain in constant contention. Humble I must be, while my kindness is killing them slowly. To tell the true story; My passiveness is evolved out of not wanting to get blood on me. Priority is in the moment, don't continue to tempt me. It's not what you think; I just want to live peacefully.  I've been chasing reality, knowledge, and respect since I was able to think, talk and see; So now I introduce to you Mr. Reality.
We actually use to be happy in the darkness, and this is a time where we share and reminisce. Not promoting it but showing with it how one can change. We have moved across many lands, and many people have shaken our hand, and we've given many names. The same body with a different mind, I can say that I vaguely remember Yesterdai and I am planning for a destiny, but what we plan to do here is explore the possibilities of choices made and fate. Some of you are sleeping hearing this and others claiming that you're the wake. Whether blind or deaf, able to see and hear, it is clear that destiny brought you here. There's a lesson to be learned and a door to be opened if attention you do pay. Let's begin at step one it was the year of 2008.


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