Step One "2008"

Insane in my thinking, logical in my actions
I could erase you without blinking, but there's no satisfaction
Practicing my ways of expression has always been my life
So when dealing with confusion, I continue to live my life
Listening is the key, but my strength is my assertiveness
This so ironically, is also my weakness
Keep this for self and allow it its purpose
Self-preservation needs encouragement, that's why I do this
Finding my flaws, those corrected and those in progression
Sharing experience and knowledge, through my loving expression
Not showing discretion, delivering the pain and the joy
Omnipotent being, once a man who was once a boy
Seeking the truth, revealing topics for interpretation
Knowledge is just the keys, Wisdom comes with the application
Days in, days out, we fail, and we succeed
Stand strong on your foundation, and beware of lust and greed
Inside there is deception, with "Him" there is protection
There is darkness without night, all is controlled by perception
Time is an unattainable desire that we so effortlessly consume
How often does morning become late in the afternoon,
It happened today and it will happen again soon.
This way got me nowhere, changing my direction
Hope, peace, and love, strong emotions and affection
There's darkness all around, behold I've been made new
Time to seek the truth, reflections of Truth j. Blue.


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