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They're Not Right

Towards another stair embarking on this journey; (in mid-transition)
As it continues to lead, build, and grow gradually, focused on the mission
Always the same but somehow different as the elevation goes unfelt
Each as an individual expedition, just playing the cards as they’re dealt
Nights are of the day, and days of the night and sometimes in the middle is a new day
Somehow, they try and hold me back, causing confusion, but that’s just their way
Who are they; you may ask, the description givers, the war winners
They are the historical kings, dictators, but not necessarily the beginners
The ones who defrauded undetected and were ruthless enough to lead
The leaders that when disrespected; someone was made to bleed
Strong courageous and dangerous, they are the ones that are they
Deceivers in a way, but built all that there is today
Surrounded us in darkness, convincing us that we’re in the light
Approaching a certain abyss, calling those things that are wrong, right
Descriptions allow knowledge and …

Stumbled "Step Five"

What is it all for, where am I going, I can’t even see a door? The destination is unknown, and neither is the purpose anymore Everyone has advice, and they’re always presenting new opportunities “Aren’t you searching for something better?” they ask, displaying many possibilities Get money, love yourself, don’t you want more, the perpetual message of these days Multiple emails, text messages, and phone calls, explaining to me how well it pays Perhaps I should indulge in pleasure, enjoy my life, live the American Dream Give into temptation, take a closer look, is it all they make it seem It’s all going to be worth it, you’ll be happy you said yes, is what they keep telling me Spending all my money and time chasing an idea of being financially free I’m willing to run as hard as I can, what else do I need to do? Call my friends and family, and put them on a three-way with you Did that. Now what? Then what’s next? I spend twice as much on my order than I get on these checks What about cryptocurrencies…

Questions "Step Four"

How do the challenges work?
How do I avoid deceit?
How will I know my place?
How will I know defeat?
Is it in the beginning?
Is it in Your voice?
Is it going to be obvious?
Is it all my choice?
What should I be thinking?
What should I be doing?
What should be my next question?
What should I be pursuing?
Is it about life’s purpose?
Is it what I’ve always done?
Is it there is no answer?
Is it going to be fun?
Why can’t I do this?
Why can’t it be that?
Why must I be afraid?
Why must I be abstract?
Is it really that dangerous?
Is it just a conspiracy?
Is it because it might not be?
It is what it is, and that’s what it’ll always be.

Life is a Gift "Step Three"

It’s not my place to influence, only to encourage and enlighten. Reciting these words with Love, how come so many, I frighten? When a dangerous description was likely, it was as if they doubted me. Now that I’ve seen the light, I live outside this fleshly body. I am beyond materialism, nonsense, and mortality. Universally living and exceeding every boundary. If you give it, you’re going get it back, so watch what you give. Tears, smiles, shrugs, and daydreams are a part of life no matter where you live. When in the moment, you should remember to focus. This is wisdom, understanding flows from this. Will or won’t this help you to know yourself? Is it not it you, that’s responsible for your health? So, I advise taking this as dictated. Life is a gift it should be appreciated.

Romance, passions, and a zeal for life, what if you do, what if you don’t. Well if you are living in fear, you probably won’t. It is God who gives us the ability to fulfill our dreams, He makes all grace abound whe…