Stumbled "Step Five"

What is it all for, where am I going, I can’t even see a door?
The destination is unknown, and neither is the purpose anymore
Everyone has advice, and they’re always presenting new opportunities
“Aren’t you searching for something better?” they ask, displaying many possibilities
Get money, love yourself, don’t you want more, the perpetual message of these days
Multiple emails, text messages, and phone calls, explaining to me how well it pays
Perhaps I should indulge in pleasure, enjoy my life, live the American Dream
Give into temptation, take a closer look, is it all they make it seem
It’s all going to be worth it, you’ll be happy you said yes, is what they keep telling me
Spending all my money and time chasing an idea of being financially free
I’m willing to run as hard as I can, what else do I need to do?
Call my friends and family, and put them on a three-way with you
Did that. Now what? Then what’s next?
I spend twice as much on my order than I get on these checks
What about cryptocurrencies, and what about forex?
What about this distraction and that distraction next?
The dreams of money, and beautiful things, seemingly an endless chase
Wanting it so bad, there's no way that this could be a waste
Face to face with myself, come on you can do this, affirming my success
Reading books, attending events, continually trying to do my best
Off to something new, what else is there on the list for selection
Things are getting dim, how did I get here, is this the right direction
Got off track a little bit, need to trust and believe, and continue to fight
I know I need to face my fear of the unknown and keep moving towards the light
Commitment and determination start with a heart that is willing
Failure is scarier then quitting, the thoughts of my day’s beginnings
“Soldier up soldier,” says the voice in my head
When I’m sleepy and don’t want to get out of the bed
Self-help is not the answer here, need help from my Creator
He is the one who gives strength to overcome the fleshly behavior
How did I get so far off track, why did I follow them, and why was it so comfortable?
Then He reveals to me it’s easier to come back because He is the Loving and the Faithful
I need only to own up for my actions and to acknowledge them unto Him audibly
Letting go of the anguish, make a mental turn around, trusting in Him to forgive me
We all are capable of error and may stumble from time to time, getting off beat
Reflecting on how questioning can lead to confusion and ultimately to self-deceit 
Followed the crowd and the social norms
Must have forgotten not to be conformed
From deep within the Real me cried,
“You can’t forget if you remain and abide.”


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