They're Not Right

Towards another stair embarking on this journey; (in mid-transition)
As it continues to lead, build, and grow gradually, focused on the mission
Always the same but somehow different as the elevation goes unfelt
Each as an individual expedition, just playing the cards as they’re dealt
Nights are of the day, and days of the night and sometimes in the middle is a new day
Somehow, they try and hold me back, causing confusion, but that’s just their way
Who are they; you may ask, the description givers, the war winners
They are the historical kings, dictators, but not necessarily the beginners
The ones who defrauded undetected and were ruthless enough to lead
The leaders that when disrespected; someone was made to bleed
Strong courageous and dangerous, they are the ones that are they
Deceivers in a way, but built all that there is today
Surrounded us in darkness, convincing us that we’re in the light
Approaching a certain abyss, calling those things that are wrong, right
Descriptions allow knowledge and knowledge allows power
This gets me back to the seconds, minutes, and hours
Our days get consumed by fruitless, worthless, unfulfilling activities
Web surfing, television watching, slaving without proper subsidies
Every moment varies in its description, every description has its function
Approaching this next step with purpose, being careful with times consumption
The optimistic supposition, remaining positive with every stride
Whatever pinnacle is next, going there, letting Truth be the guide
The staircase is narrow, and it stretches beyond sight
Strategically engaged and I recall there is only one way that is right.


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