Growing "Step Eight"

The denial and the distractions of the past were all leading me here
Now that knowledge has grown, I’m no longer a slave of the puppeteer
Living a life without fear, worry, or doubt has allowed abundance to be understood
There is no life in the things that the world calls to be good
Would I be able to explain? Maybe with more time.
This relationship with the Father has created a new paradigm
No longer in it for self-fulfillment or self-glorification
Still learning to trust Him with my complete preservation
I know that He is Divinely Providential
And everything through Him is more than possible
Glowing in His glory, basking in His presence, enjoying His peace
In all aspects of my life, He is my centerpiece
No longer can I speak those things that curse God’s beautiful creation
Now I command blessings over every person and nation
A patient and caring individual I am growing to be
Some many things could be said about how good He’s been to me
But I’m running out of time it’s already past three
This step has shown how the light reveals to us His glory
I have really been pushed slightly out of my element
This week has allowed for an increase of growth and development .


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