Misty Blue "Step Seven"

Into the Blue, moving without thought and without any fear
The next step is, oh so beautiful, becoming increasingly clear
The view of more and more to come, causing me to be eager to persevere
Nothing more to accept the path that has always been here
Dark in the beginning, and now so impressively visible
Could not have previously presumed for the darkness was so comfortable
Understanding growing; making it hurt to watch others failing to move forward
Forced to know, and the love in me causing me not to want them to be tortured
The snakes and the fakes holding them back, this could possibly be you
I’m writing this to all as a warning or a reminder of what we must do
The truth is for me, and it is for you; therefore we should accept it
Oh, it hurts so much when I think of how many of us neglect it
Disrespect the one who is and was and who will always be
The One that sits and waits for us to escape from bondage by merely choosing to be free
The beauty of the love and the joy and the peace available to both you and I
This place is accessible on earth not only in the vastness beyond the sky
Tears of yearning, turning and tearing me up on the inside and I want to cry
But something tells me to only continue to pray, and I only partially understand why
One day I know that if I stay the course it’ll become more clear internally and externally
But for now, we both go step by step towards living more consciously
Gradually, even weekly as I write these passages of growth from darkness into the light
Even for me each of the six days I have to remember to fight
The darkness surrounds us and awaits to overtake at any opportunity
Do you think that “the destroyer” is only a fabricated story?
Do you not know that as a roaring lion he seeks those whom he may devour?
When we're sitting, walking, or playing in darkness, it can happen any second, minute, or hour
The tower of a hope to reach heaven through our own works was a mistake
There is a way to get there, and that way is the one I suggest you take
The path is appearing gray to some, but to me, it is misty blue
Perception makes all the difference, but facts can’t change the truth
This journey is untold, but the destination is known absolutely
It is becoming more clear which way to go, come and follow me.



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