Thinking Out Loud "Step Nine"

Sitting here thinking about what can I do to continue this path that I've started. Not willing to quit, but some times it gets hard to press through with the clear stance of failure. Wouldn't want to be the one to accept defeat as the final destination but for reasons beyond explaining this situation is what it is. Trouble is always on the horizon and discipline is still needed. Strength and focus and willingness all require self-control, diligence is as well. There's not any successful forward motion without friction and what about clear direction. Open to suggestions, open for accountability partners, but what if their not disciplined, then where do I go. Now, what do I do? Spiritually I'm straight but scholastically, and financially there's a struggle from the choices in the past. When do the new decisions begin to overcome the old ones? Toiling in the field but not getting the yield from the stock concerning positivity? Was the early life so full of blunders that the dues now are too great? Dealing with the pressures of judgment and pressing through for better little over seven years, back and forth with disappointments. Time for some prayer, it's always about seeking His face for peace. Spent a few days off maybe about two weeks.

The time spent with Him was well worth the experience, learned so much and decided to share it also. Growth by Choice is the place where you can examine and follow. Going to acknowledge that this Rising Staircase has evolved and will move progressively, but only seldomly will it be added to. Trust and know that there will always be weekday encouragement found on Growth by Choice, and here will track the levels on growth and there will show how the growth is occurring. Remember it is our choice that allows us to live free from grief agony, pain, and defeat. We don't have to live in the past, and we don't have to struggle with life's inevitable circumstances. We can go to God who will always cause us to advance and overcome because that's what He specializes in. The Good News is although things happen, with Jesus, we always win in the end. Peace, Love, and Joy are only the beginning there's an abundance of wisdom, encouragement, teaching, coaching, and whatever you need when you make a decision that you will trust and believe in He that waits for you to come home. Don't live a life full of questions that only cause more issues, leading you to be confused, make a choice to go to the one who has created both you and me. He waits for the day that you invite Him into your heart. Grab hold of the word and visit the tenth chapter of Romans, the eighth verse tells you how close He is to you, just as close as the words that come out of your mouth to make the confession in verse nine that you can undoubtedly be saved. As long as you make that confession and believe in your heart and say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, then just like verse ten states, this leads to salvation. Continue with this reading of the bible, pray and allow the new you to guide you. I am now your brother reach out if you have any questions, I am here frequently, and you always have God there with you as a comforter and helper, I Love you and stay blessed.


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