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Choices "Step Ten"

As the Days pass, and the story gets longer, and as I continually grow stronger. The more I realize I require a day away for self-examination. Time with the Lord, time where I just wait with Him and allow Him to speak to me and clarify my destination. The pursuit is for others or is this pursuit for my own spiritual growth. How is it I got here; torn between doing what He told me and showed me and doing what others say I should do? The perception is that it couldn't be deception, perhaps it is only another one of the enemies distractions. There's satisfaction in accomplishment but what is it all for? Should I be doing less, could I be doing more? The door is open to exit, and the pathway is open for continuation. What I need is time with my Father to see the direction He is directing me to apprehend. The Pathway is full of serving Him, and the door is full of serving Him. I will serve Him no matter what I do, but I want to serve Him how He wants me to. It's true the challe…